At work we are still running ColdFusion 7. We are looking at moving to 8 this year and are in the pre-planning stages...

I'd love to hear from anyone who has already migrated! We are running ColdFusion 7 on top of IIS (Win2003) so we are looking at migrating the ColdFusion server settings (datasource, mappings, sandbox setting, etc) + all the IIS stuff from one server to another. We have a test environment setup in which we can experiment but I'd love to hear from anyone with real world experience.

  • What issues did you run into (if any)?
  • What tools did you use to make the migration easier?
  • What's better since you migrated? What's worse (if anything)?
  • What would you differently if you could do it again?

UpDate: Charlie Arehart has a nice post concerning migration resources on his blog.

Published on Thursday, January 31 2008    


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