I was reading this great series of blog posts over at 43 Folders by Merlin Mann....

  1. Making Time to Make: Bad Correspondence
  2. Making Time to Make: The Job You Think You Have
  3. Making Time to Make: One Clear Line

It deals with balancing your time and making the decision to disconnect from the web a bit - not replying to emails, turning off Twitter, etc - so that you can concentrate more on doing the important stuff in your life.

I've been in a state of flux lately as well - I was Twittering a lot but lately I'm not sure there is really any value there.  Fun? Sure - but is it really doing anything for me?

I'm curious how others in the ColdFusion community deal with this?  I'd especially love to hear from some of the busier folks - like Raymond Camden, Sean Corfield, and Luis Majano. How do you manage your time?  How do you balance things between work, family, personal projects, etc?

Lately I've been looking at everything I'm juggling and trying to decide what to cast off so that better define my own 'one clear line'.

Published on Thursday, August 07 2008    


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