New Clipboard Favorite - Clipboard Help and Spell

I like Clipboard utilities. If you've seen any of my Toolbox talks this is always the tool I get the most feedback about. People always tell me how much more productive they became when they started using a clipboard manager.

I've used many over the years:

All had pros and cons.

Until recently I had been using EthervaneEcho but development on it seems dead so I started looking for a replacement.

I use several of the Donation Coder utilities like Find And Run Robot and Screenshot Captor and noticed Mouser had a clipboard utility called Clipboard Help + Spell.

A weird name but I decided to try it out.

Initially I was turned off by the interface:


I can see my clipboard entries but it's not the usual long list of cut items that I'm accustomed to. Turns out there are a lot of options in Clipboard Help+Spell and it takes some configuration to get things just right.

Digging through the menus I found the keyboard shortcut menu and noticed there were several views available. The one in the screenshot above and this one - which is more of what I was expecting.


So now I have two shortcuts:

Overall I'm very happy...

The few downsides?

It is free but Donation Coder encourages people to donate. They make some terrific software and if you make a donation you get a license available for all current and future Donation Coder applications which is pretty sweet.

Clipboard Help+Spell is for Windows but there are many clipboard options available for Linux and Mac as well. I have a short list available on my Github wiki.