Running ColdFusion/Railo On The Command Line with ConEmu

Everytime I talk to Dan Wilson (who is quite smart) he mentions I should run my ColdFusion servers on the command line so I can see what's going on behind the curtain.

I've always been too lazy to actually do this but while troubleshooting a recent problem I finally broke down and setup ConEmu to run ColdFusion and Railo.

If you aren't using Conemu read this.

Setting up ConEmu was simply a matter of configuring a few extra 'tasks' as they are called in Conemu.

I setup the following tasks with these commands:

ConEmu ColdFusion

By default my ConEmu opens up with Git bash only but cranking up ColdFusion and or Railo is only a click away:

ConEmu ColdFusion

I have Conemu open all day so this isn't really the hassle I thought it would be!

If I need CFML I can click and wait a moment for it to crank up, and if I don't need it, or want to restart it, that's a click away too. No more waiting 5 minutes for the ColdFusion service to restart!