Ubuntu 13 and ColdFusion Gotcha

Over the holidays I bought myself a new laptop to use for development and tinkering. I immediately setup Ubuntu 13 on it, Sublime and all the other goodies I needed.

I initially installed Railo (with no installation issues) but had some unrelated problems with ORM/unit testing that I need …

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AutoHotkey Remote Control

I have two standing desks setup at home. One is for my work computer and one is for my personal desktop.

We have a fairly strict firewall at work so I usually stream whatever music I'm listening to (CodeBass!) on my personal computer. This works fine until someone at work …

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IE, Console.log and Git Hooks

Recently had an odd issue with Internet Explorer. I had some code doing a lot or showing and hiding using jQuery. Code worked fine on Firefox and Chrome and worked fine on my Internet Explorer (version 9).

For others using IE my code was failing.

The difference?

I had the …

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HeidiSQL - MySQL and MSSQL Interface

I've worked with all three major databases at one time or the other.

My go to tool when working with MySQL databases has always been HeidiSQL. Oracle has the excellent Oracle SQL Developer.

And that leaves Microsoft SQL Server which I've blogged about before.

Recently I've had the opportunity to …

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Sublime Projects File Hack

On this project I've been working on there are several components which could really be broken up and managed as individual Sublime projects.

I like to be able to search across several of them at once though so I've gotten into the habit of simple calling them all within one …

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Railo 4.1 Javaagent Setting on Windows

I recently updated my local Railo install from 4.0.4 to 4.1.

After updating I had a big warning message on my Railo admin screen:

There is no Java Agent defined in this enviroment. The Java Agent is needed to improve memory (PermGen Space) consumption for templates. To …

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Drinking The Git Kool Aid - Glass 4 - gitk

There are occasions where a more graphical interface IS useful with Git.

Want to see a list of all change, what files changed and what was changed IN those files in one view?

Git provides gitk:

gitk - The git repository browser

Displays changes in a repository or a selected set …

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Drinking The Git Kool Aid - Glass 3 - Aliases

So hopefully you've been using command line git for a few days.

Typing 'git status' and 'git difftool' over and over is a royal pain huh?

Turns out there is an easy solution!

Git aliases...

Open up your .gitconfig file we talked about in our last post and add the …

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Drinking The Git Kool Aid - Glass 2 - Diff

In our last post we ran over the basics and I encouraged you to become familiar with the Git command line.

One thing I immediately missed was being able to do diffs like I could within TortoiseSVN to easily see what I had changed. Git will do diffs but I …

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Drinking The Git Kool Aid - Glass 1

Drinking The Git Kool Aid

Since Git first came out I've tinkered with it off and on with small personal projects but have always used SVN at work.

I recently got a new job and we are using Git, so I had to bit the bullet, RTFM and actually learn …

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AutoHotkey and Run As Administrator

For as long as I've been developing ColdFusion (and now Railo) I've always had a few batch files to start/stop and restart my web services:

  • railo_restart.cmd
  • railo_start.cmd
  • railo_stop.cmd

My restart script for example will shutdown my SQL and web server (in this case MSSQL and IIS …

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Installing Railo and ColdFusion on IIS

It has been ages since I've setup ColdFusion with IIS and at my new job we're also using Railo. Last week we worked through the installation process for getting both Adobe ColdFusion and Rail connected to IIS. I thought I'd blog about it here as it may be helpful to …

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Mailing List Laziness

When I started on the net, bandwidth was precious. Dialing in to the BBS with your 300 baud modem, every character was important, and anything extraneous was eliminated.

Mail in particular was terse and to the point. Most mailing lists I have been on have had a moderator or 'list …

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Breaking Up With Google: Reader

In Part I we looked at replacing Google Analytics with Piwik. Today we'll look at Google Reader alternatives.

Like everyone else who heard of Readers eminent demise I panicked and started looking for alternatives. Initially I looked at hosted options:

They all worked but …

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Breaking Up With Google: Analytics

The recent announcement by Google that they are killing off Reader got me thinking about my reliance on Google services.

I use Gmail. I loved Reader. I used Google Alerts (also DOA). I have quite a bit of info in Google Docs. I like their Music app.

But with Reader …

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Automate Your Phone with Tasker

I've been using Tasker since I got an Android phone several years ago. To be honest I haven't blogged about it before because it was such a pain to take screenshots with Android. That's changed with Jellybean and with the recent 4.0 Tasker update I thought I'd finally break …

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New Cron For Windows

I've posted about Cron before, but that solution, nnCron hasn't been update in ages and I could never get it to run on Windows 7. I have been using Windows Task Scheduler but I still run into issues where it fails, or you need to be logged into the machine …

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Sublime Text Package of the Day: Browser Refresh

Whenever I'm doing front-end work the cycle is usually:

  1. Edit code
  2. View changes in browser
  3. Edit code again
  4. Goto #2.

Switching contexts over to the browser and hitting refresh is a pain. Turns out there is a neat Sublime Text package that will do all this for you!

After installing …

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Adobe ColdFusion 10 Updater Woes

I just installed ColdFusion 10 on Windows 8 and while I got it installed it could have been easier.

Adobe documentation is generally pretty good. What frustrates me is they allow you to submit feedback but it seems like no one ever reads this and integrates the feedback back into …

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Configuring ConEmu and Git

To get ConEmu and Git integrated checkout my previous post Configuring ConEmu and Putty.

Install Git for Windows. If you look in the install directory you should see a file:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Git\Git Bash.lnk

Right click on that file, hit Properties and copy the Target string …

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