Configuring ConEmu and Putty

Lately with my Pelican experiments I've needed to frequently shell over to my website via SSH.

I'm running ConEmu as my default console. And while I can SSH directly from there the output wasn't very pretty. I normally use Putty for SSH and I figured there had to be a …

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Running rsync on Windows

Pelican is a static blog generator, so it runs and creates a load of plain old .html files which sit on your local drive. It does have several methods to push your content to your server (or you can host on github):

'Makefile for a pelican …

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Goodbye Octopress, Hello Pelican

About a year ago I switched my blog from WordPress to Octopress.


I enjoyed the simplicity of Octopress (once it was setup), but over time I found myself blogging less which wasn't good.

Octopress is based on Ruby and despite my best efforts I could never get it running …

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Moving To Pelican

Pardon the dust.

My move to Pelican seems to have worked.

More details shortly!

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Searching for the Perfect Windows Terminal

I use Windows at work 100% of the time and lately have been using Windows at home since my DAW audio software isn't supported on Linux. The biggest thing I've missed from Linux is a nice terminal/shell.

cmd.exe is horrible! Poor fonts, no tabs, no history, etc. I …

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Standing Desk Followup 2

Another quick followup to my previous standing desk posts.

I'm not the neatest person in the world and while my standing desk has worked great - using it for both home and work was becoming a hassle. I had my work laptop and my home desktop and was sharing monitors/keyboards …

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Starting Selenium RC As A Service For Jenkins

Getting unit tests up and running with MXUnit on Jenkins was fairly easy due to the great documentation on the MXUnit blog.

Getting my CFSelenium tests working in Jenkins however was a different story.

Initially all my Selenium tests were failing with this cryptic error:

The Response of the Selenium …

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Oracle XE Memory Tweaks

My machine at work is, shall we say, antiquated. I'm running Windows XP (yes, really) with 3GB or RAM.

Needless to say when I crank up ColdFusion and Oracle SQL Developer things slow down.

But I have JRun tuned fairly well so things generally hum along without impacting my ability …

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I've been a fan of ValidateThis and cfUniform for some time. Unfortunately I don't get to use them as much as I like as the majority of my work is maintaining old spaghetti code.

Recently though I've been working on a new project and have implemented them both.

I was …

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Kanban and Pomodoro

I'm always tinkering with new ways to better manage my time and todo lists.

I've tried most of the online todo apps (RememberTheMilk, Todoist, etc.), I've tried pen and paper, and I've used things like org-mode in Emacs. These all work but I always find myself slowly loosing interest in …

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ESAPI Issues

On my latest project I'm trying to make use of the ESAPI (The OWASP Enterprise Security API) library which is built into the latest versions of ColdFusion (9.01 and 10).

I was originally trying to sanitize some form inputs with the ESAPI encoders. (The uform:option is used in …

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A Cerium Gist on CodeBass Radio

This is just a quick post to let you know about my show on CodeBass Radio.

Never heard of CodeBass Radio? Tsk. Tsk. It's a great online community that focuses on music and geeks.

CodeBass Radio is a community radio station built by developers for developers. It is completely staffed …

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I didn't worry too much about filtering the web until I had kids. Suddenly the Internet looked a lot more threatening.

Over the years I tinkered with various applications and browser plugins that effectively setup 'whitelists' where you define sites that are OK and everything else is blocked. This worked …

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Google, Apple and GPS

I remember when Google came out with turn-by-turn directions on Android and everyone said that the stand alone GPS was doomed.

Several years later and Apple has finally come out with turn-by-turn for the iPhone and again people are talking about the death of portable GPS units.

Oh please.

I've …

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ColdFusion and Sublime Text 2

When I first started using Sublime Text 2 last year there were maybe 2 dozen 'packages' available. Now according to Will Bond's site (creator of Package Manager) there are over 400 packages available.

So what is out there for ColdFusion?

Last fall when I created my Sublime wiki page both …

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Coding Standards

Does your shop have a coding 'standard'?

Steven Erat was asking on Twitter a few days ago for a link to the old ColdFusion MX Coding Guidelines and actually found a copy on the Wayback Machine.

While the old coding guidelines were a great reference, the last update was in …

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Console2 Terminal Replacement

I see more and more people turning to the command line these days. If you are using Linux or Mac you have a great console. If you are stuck on Windows you have the ancient cmd.exe (ignoring Powershell for the moment).

The solution? Console2

Console is a Windows console …

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Standing Desk Followup

I had someone email me some questions about my standing desk post and I thought I'd do a quick followup...

How much are you using it?

I work from home a few days a week, and of course after work I'm usually at the computer, so I spend quite a …

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cf.Objective Code Review

Thanks to everyone who showed up for my cf.Objective presentation on Code Review.

While my slides were mostly pictures and are probably not very helpful I’ve put together a long list of useful links which will hopefully get you started with Code Reviews.

Bookmark this link to my …

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cf.Objective 2012

It's almost time for cf.Objective 2012!

I'll be doing two presentations:

I'm looking forward to seeing Vicky and the CodeBass Radio crew as well.

Hope to see you there!

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