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Model-Glue vs. Model-Glue:Unity - The Smackdown

  • Tuesday, October 03 2006

My newbie post on the Model-Glue mailing list sparked some good conversations. I want to learn Model-Glue but wasn't sure which one to choose - the 'stable' 1.1 release or the 'still-in-beta' Unity version. For now I'm going with the 1.1 as there is a lot of good content on the web related to the older version - and it sounds like moving to Unity once it's out of beta won't be a huge leap.

There were lots of good suggestions leaning both ways - Jared even wrote this this great blog post. If you are getting started with Model-Glue (like I am) it's worth a read!

Another good link that popped up on the mailing list was for the Model-Glue FAQ.

And finally - check our Ray Camden's Model-Glue tutorials, download, and Breeze presentation. I can barely wake up in the morning and Ray churns stuff like this out non-stop!

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