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Help Create CFEclipse Cheatsheet

  • Wednesday, November 08 2006

I noticed on Mark Drew's site that he was looking for someone to help create a CFEclipse 'cheatsheet' and volunteered! The idea here is to come up with a 8 1/2 x 11 quick reference card for CFEclipse. Shortcuts, snippet variables, key bindings, etc.

See his post here - as well as some other cheatsheets here.

What I'd love to hear is some of those tricks you use in CFEclipse to work more efficiently. Do you re-map all your key bindings? Do you have any neat snippets (in particular using variables ala Homesite)? Post your tips, tricks, hacks, etc in the comments and I'll grab what I can - this all needs to fit on one sheet you know! :)

Anything that doesn't fit on the sheet - possibly we can get a 'tips and tricks' page on the CFEclipse site...

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