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New CF8/Scorpio Tag - cfdbinfo

Geez. I must have beaten everyone back from the meeting. Just sat through 3 hours of a great CF8 presentation by Tim Buntel (and another guy but I suck at names, sorry)...

I'm really excited about CF8 - I had read most of the other posts concerning the new features but it's nice seeing them demo'd and getting to glance at code.

They did show a new slide with 'cfdbinfo' which will provide you with all kinds of information regarding your db, tables, etc. I was most excited about the server monitoring. I don't do any server administration anymore but if you administer a CF Server it looks like it will be a lifesaver! No more guessing settings, and no more rebooting the server hopefully! I did forget to ask them if they were planning on improving the Verity tools - somehow I don't think so but it would be a nice surprise if they did... Overall a great presentation and if they are coming near you - I'd check it out!

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