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ColdFusion Not Dead - But It Could Be Better

There are lots of posts concerning the recent ComputerWorld article where the author claims ColdFusion is dead (along with Powerbuilder YES!).

Good discussions going on here:

Now I agree articles like this are complete fluff - but I do think it says something about ColdFusion - why does it constantly show up on lists like this? I think Adobe needs to seriously look at it's marketing and promotion of ColdFusion.

I know, I know - Ben and Tim just went on their whirlwind tour - but they were for the most part preaching to the choir - telling existing ColdFusion developers how great ColdFusion 8 is going to be....

But we already know that! :)

I think Adobe needs to do a few things:

  • Spend some money on advertising - during the Scorpio tour - there should have been t-shirts, bumper stickers, etc. for everyone. I have no idea if it's effective marketing or not - I'm just PO I didn't win a Scorpio t-shirt. :)
  • Look at the pricing of ColdFusion. Everyone else (PHP, .NET, JAVA, Rails, etc) is 'free'. Now that ColdFusion is part of Adobe (who has lots of $$) maybe there could be more flexibility in the pricing of ColdFusion?
  • Consider developing an ISP version of ColdFusion - the sandboxed CFAdmin login in Scorpio should make this easier. Price it right and get ColdFusion into the cheap hosting marketplace.
  • Make a concerted effort to get the ColdFusion name out into the mainstream press. And when there are articles like the ComputerWorld one published - demand they print a rebuttal.
  • Improve the tools available to ColdFusion developers. I would have no problem with a nice "Dreamweaver is dead" article.
  • Did I already mention free t-shirts?

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