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Some New Goodies In Eclipse 3.3

  • Monday, July 23 2007

This one is new in Eclipse 3.3 - a neat UI Element interface - it's bound to CTRL+3 so it doesn't work in the CFEclipse perspective - but you can of course change that...

Eclipse UI dialog

Simply press CTRL+3 and a dialog will popup - you can then enter text to filter things - very neat!

The next one may have been in 3.2 but I never noticed it before - right click in the line number gutter and set a task - without using a TODO in a comment.

Eclipse tasks

Click on "Add Task" gets you another dialog:

Eclipse Tasks dialog

I use TODO tasks all the time in my code as little reminders - but this will allow me to do that without littering my code with comments!

Couple of other tips:

  • Click the CTRL button while scrolling with the mouse wheel to jump pages
  • Use the new command Ctrl+Alt+J in a text editor to join lines. Select 3-4 lines and just try it!

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