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ColdFusion - A La Carte?

ColdFusion 8 is out. Get ready to break out your wallets - the price apparently went up and there is some uproar about Adobe's ongoing overseas pricing...

While I don't think the pricing impacts large corporations (much) - I do think it impacts smaller companies. Where I previously worked we had 3 CF servers - one internal development server, and two production servers. To upgrade we would be looking at almost $12,000!

I was curious if Adobe has considered 'a la carte' pricing?

For enterprises - they could continue to buy the all-in-one bundle - but smaller shops could buy a 'base' which simply offered the core CF functionality. Then they could purchase 'add-ons' to provide the functionality they needed. At our shop - we used to send out a lot of email - so it would have been great to have a box just dedicated to email - using the new cfthread and the high volume email capabilities. That box would NOT need PDF, graphics or reporting capabilities. If you did a lot of reports - you could build a box around that functionality - removing things like Exchange integration and event gateways.

I'm excited to move to ColdFusion 8 - though I haven't heard any talk of moving yet here at work. It will be interesting to see the adoption rate of CF8, and if people consider moving to BlueDragon or even newer offerings like Railo?

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