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ColdFusion Open Source Project? Visit Ohloh!

I was digging around DZone at lunch and stumbled upon Ohloh.

Ohloh is an open source network that connects people through the software they create and use.

It appears you can register your open-source projects there and they can provide all kinds of neat metrics. CFEclipse and ColdBox are both registered there.

Looking at their Languages page however - ColdFusion is not listed. And searching for ColdFusion only lists 3 projects! :(

So if you have an open source ColdFusion project - possibly hosted on RIAForge or Google - please take a few minutes and submit it to Ohloh!!! Again - this is all about getting ColdFusion some exposure 'outside' our ColdFusion community!

And while you are there - vote for the CFEclipse project :)

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