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ColdFusion 8 Debugger Resources and Tips

I finally broke down today and installed ColdFusion 8. Not sure when we are going to make the switch but I wanted to start tinkering with it - so I'm going to start using it on my local workstation - and just be aware not to use any CF8 goodies (yet)!

One thing I was really interested to try out was the debugger. Below are some helpful URLs:

A few notes - which may be obvious - but I've been debugging Powerbuilder code all week so my brain is a bit crispy:

  1. If you are using Eclipse 3.3 (Europa) - do NOT download the ColdFusion Eclipse extensions on the Adobe site - instead use the link above on Ben Forta's site. Hopefully Adobe will at some point setup an Eclipse update site...
  2. When setting up the RDS connection - if you are NOT using the built in web server - then set the RDS port to the port of your web server. I'm using IIS locally and set it to 80.
  3. When I click the drop down debug arrow - I don't see "Debug..." instead I have "Open Debug Dialog..." which is what you need to click in order to select the "ColdFusion Application"

This was much easier to setup than when I tried FusionDebug - but I have not tried the recently released 2.x version so they may have improved the setup process as well.

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