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Ubuntu 7.10

Ubuntu 7.10 is available today. I've been running the betas for a few weeks now with just a few issues but I update frequently and things have been really smooth lately.

If you haven't tried Ubuntu yet give it a shot! I've been using Ubuntu now for more than a year now and could never go back to Windows. I would switch at work as well but I'm stuck with running Powerbuilder though I could probably get by with a VM install for that.

Gutsy Gibbon is certainly easier to install and set up than Windows Vista, and it's very close to matching Mac OS X when it comes to making things "just work" out of the box. Wi-Fi, printing, my digital camera and even my iPod all worked immediately after installation -- no drivers or other software required. ~Wired

No Microsoft headaches and no Apple 'upgrade fee' every year or so... it's free!

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