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Pulse - Maintain Eclipse Profiles

  • Friday, December 14 2007

Just found Pulse. Made by the same people who created MyEclipse. Looks like a neat add on for Eclipse:

What is Pulse? Pulse is a FREE product that gives Eclipse users the most effective and efficient way to locate, install and maintain multiple multiple Eclipse software profiles (configurations).

Their Road Map looks very interesting. I could see this being a welcome addition to a team - allowing you to easily manage everyone's Eclipse configuration. It also looks like you could sync your work and home environments...

Update: OK. If you use CFEclipse - please comment here, or on the forum post link above as to what you would like to see included in a "CFML Development" profile. The Pulse folks have emailed me looking for feedback. I've also posted a note to the CFEclipse mailing list as well.

Update: So it appears you first must sign up - then download the Pulse 'installer'. This appears to be an Eclipse application itself. Once downloaded - run it and you can pick and add Eclipse items to your 'profile'. Currently CFEclipse isn't listed. I've started a post on their forum to get it added.

So to test - I selected the "Classic" Eclipse, and added Subclipse and a few other things to my profile. Then you simply right click on the profile and hit 'run'. It appears it downloads things in the background and eventually Eclipse starts up! Very nice. After digging around a bit it seems to store everything here (on Windows):

C:\Documents and Settings\priestj.pulse

Next I'll try to add CFEclipse and Aptana.

Hmmm. Seems that you simply add plugins that don't appear in Pulse the old fashioned way. But I'm curious if you add them in this manner - if you share your profile if they will be picked up as well??

Can I use Pulse if what I need isn't in the catalog? Yes you can! While we continue to add to the catalog, we realize that you may want features that are not included yet. Go ahead and create a profile that's close to what you want and launch it. Once running, you can add your custom features using the standard Eclipse update manager. Your local additions will be included whenever you run the configured profile.

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