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Developer Toolbox - Clipboard Manager

Last year I set out to write up some articles on developer tools I use. Life happened and I never really got around to it :\ so to start off 2008 I thought I'd try again.

Today's tool is a clipboard manager. What's that you say? Windows already has a clipboard? Yes it does. But it sucks. You can only store one thing! With a clipboard manager you can cut several things, store them in memory, open a different application or page and then paste them all back. Some support having 'permanent items' always available to paste. Some support images.

Currently at work (Windows) I'm using a program called ArsClip and at home (Ubuntu) I'm using Glipper. Both are free and have a ton of useful features.

ArsClip screenshot

If you haven't tried a clipboard manager I'd suggest giving one a try. It is not going to make a huge dent in your productivity but every little bit helps!

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