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Developer Toolbox - Application Launcher

Today we will discuss launching applications. Do you still chug through the Start menu? Is your desktop littered with icons? There is a better way! Use an application launcher.

Find and Run Robot Screenshot

There are many available for all the popular platforms. The application launcher will scan your drive for applications. Then when you press a hot key combination you can either type a few characters or pick an application from a list. Typing "Fi..." for example might display Firefox and Filezilla. No searching through the Start menu, no messy desktop icons.

In addition, most launchers have loads of extra functionality allowing you to launch sites, search my desktop and more.

At work (Windows) I'm currently using Find and Run Robot (FARR) after trying out several others and at home (Ubuntu) I have recently begun using Gnome Do. Both allow me to painlessly open programs, navigate to bookmarks, music files, search the web and more.

A few of the more popular ones:

Stop wasting time navigating through menus, clean up your desktop and get quick access to ALL your programs via a few keystrokes. Most of these applications are free and easy to setup and start using.

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