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Adobe Feeling the jQuery Goodness

  • Friday, January 25 2008

Saw this on John Resig's blog today where he is speaking about how important partnering with certain projects and companies has been for jQuery's growth (there are also some great bits in there about open source software which I need to blog about in another post). What caught my eye is they are working with Adobe:

Adobe - This is one of our upcoming partners. We've been working with them to try and make sure that some of their upcoming releases go smoothly. This is a case where a corporation will be providing copies of jQuery for developers to use (a different use case for us, as this is typically coming from open source projects). We'll be seeing a lot more from this partnership in the upcoming months, which will be exciting. They've been great about keeping communication open - conference calls, emails, and patches - a great partner.

Interesting to see Adobe going this way - they already have Spry, and ColdFusion included parts of ExtJS...

Go jQuery!

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