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ColdFusion Batch Scripts - For Linux

I always set ColdFusion to NOT run at startup - why have it eating resources when you aren't using it? On Windows I had a few batch scripts to easily kick off ColdFusion. I dug around looking for something similar for Linux... I found a few things which I've added to my wiki in the ColdFusion section.

I basically came up with a very simple bash script:

read -p "Press ENTER to start ColdFusion and Apache (must be root!)"
/etc/init.d/apache2 start
/opt/coldfusion8/bin/coldfusion start
read -p "Services started. Press ENTER to continue..."

Save this to a file or something. Give it executable rights. Then it's just 'sudo ./'. And of course you can make the same thing to stop the services. I'm running Ubuntu 7.10 so if you are on something different (RedHat) you'll have to change your paths, etc...

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