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  • Friday, March 14 2008

I just launched the 'new and improved' site this morning!

The old site was a bit difficult to update and the content was getting a bit outdated. The new site uses the Savvy CMS and is now much easier to maintain. Savvy also provides very granular permission controls so if someone wants to volunteer to maintain a particular page or section, we can allow that kind of access.


I'll be fixing a few things here and there and updating some of the older content as time permits. If you see any typos, busted links or have any other suggestions let me know!

I'll also be doing a few posts about the Savvy CMS. They kindly donated the software for the CFEclipse site and I'll blog about my experience building the CFEclipse site.

BlueDragon Goes Open Source Giving Back to the ColdFusion Community