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Are You Sitting On The Fence Waiting For A CF IDE From Adobe?

  • Tuesday, May 13 2008

I was checking out this CFUnited post on what people are looking forward to seeing at CFUnited.  This comment from Marc Escher caught my eye:

One that doesn't get much press but which is on the minds of many is whether Adobe's going to come out with a CF IDE. It's been hinted at in blogs but in typical fashion is carried out with the same degree of teasing that 8th grade girls use. It's frustrating for some of us who would choose to contribute to CFEclipse if we thought that product had a long life. I believe Adobe's hurting the CF community by not either a) committing to building an IDE or b) stopping the chatter entirely and getting behind CFEclipse. After working with FlexBuilder and seeing the productivity gains you get from it with Flex, you can't help but feel that we're crippled, productivity-wise, by lack of an enterprise-class IDE for CF.

I'm curious if others who might consider contributing to the CFEclipse project are hesitant to do so for this reason??

I do wish Adobe would "s--t or get off the pot" as my Mom is prone to say, about whether they are or are not developing a CF IDE.

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