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Why Is Fusion Authority Quarterly Update So Good?

  • Monday, June 09 2008

Haven't subscribed yet to Fusion Authority Quarterly Update?

Why you ask should I do that?

  • Because it's the only ColdFusion centric publication out there?
  • Because it's always full of top notch content written by the best in the ColdFusion community?
  • Because it has a top notch editing staff that makes writing for them easy?
  • Because the content to ad ratio is leaning in the right direction?
  • Because that really was Judith Dinowitz stalking you in the office parking lot with her red pen of doom...

No!!! Those are all lame reasons! The main reason you should subscribe ... is because I'm in it - dorky photograph and everything!

Fusion Authority Quarterly Update

I'd like to thank Judith and Dana who edited my sloppy prose and turned it into something fit for the printed page.

And BTW the issue I'm in, Vol.II Issue IV, is jam packed with goodness on SVN, Apache, Beans, Ant (of course) and more!

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