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Do We Need A CFML Site?

  • Tuesday, June 24 2008

I don't think I've seen anyone else mention this but I thought it merited some discussion...

Brian Meloche has a post on his blog Promoting CFML Outside of the CFML Community - Results. I'm guessing this went down at CFUnited.

In particular I was interested in the results from the Group 1 discussion "Promoting CFML to New Developers". There is a ton of good stuff in there but in particular I thought the first suggestion was timely: "Vendor-neutral CFML Evangelism Site".

Does it make sense for this effort to work with the recently announced "CFML Language Advisory Committee"? It seems like they share some of the same goals and I'd hate to see a duplication in effort.

Is it time for a community driven "CFML" site?

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