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MyEclipse - Mini Review

  • Wednesday, September 10 2008

At work we recently got a license for MyEclipse.  I've looked at this once or twice in the past but to be honest I'm cheap and didn't want to shell out the $$$.

  • Professional $59.95 year
  • Standard $29.95 year

We have professional at work.  So far I'm impressed.  CFEclipse works fine installed.  I was previously using Aptana for it's great CSS editor but the MyEclipse one seems on par.  Code completion (CTRL+SPACE), syntax highlighting, outline view, etc.

Marc Escher on Twitter was just looking for a JS formatter and after doing a bit of digging - it appears the JS editor in MyEclipse will do some rudimentary cleanup of JS code as well.   I opened up a JS file and removed all the indentation then ran the Source > Format Document command and it cleaned it up nicely.

The XML editor is also very nice and has replaced XML Buddy.  I've got it hooked up with the Fusebox DTDs and now have code completion, etc.  Very nice.

Other things I haven't tried yet:

  • Database perspective - will see how it works with Oracle.
  • UML - we're going to be doing more of this in the future so that will be handy.
  • Javascript debugger - better than Firebug?

I will post more as I use the other tools.

Downsides? There are a LOT of features I'll probably never use - and I don't really see an easy way to disable or uninstall things I'm not going to use.

Will I shell out the $$$ to use this personally?  I'm not sure yet.  Most if not all the same functionality can be found in free plugins.  For a business team however I think it's a no-brainer.  No hunting for plugins. One step install. Everyone has the same tools.

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