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Developer Toolbox - Forms w/Google Docs

Recently we wanted to do a quick survey for our local ColdFusion user group. My first thought was to setup Ray Camden's excellent Soundings survey applicationDan Wilson pointed me to Google Docs instead.

Sure enough under the "New"menu you can find "Form"!   Google provides a very intuitive Ajaxy interface to quickly create a new form.  You can enter the normal question types - checkbox, multiple choice, text and text areas, etc. You can make certain questions required and also easily reorganize the questions using drag-n-drop.

Reporting is also available.  Google builds the form on top of a spreadsheet and then provides you with some default reporting options and of course you could move this data into Excel and do your own.

And of course the form wouldn't be of much use if no one could see it so like all Google Docs you can make it public, as well as share the form itself so you can have multiple people editing it.

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