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CF IDE Announced - Bolt!

  • Tuesday, November 18 2008

So I go to a meeting and of course all the cool stuff is announced...

CF IDE! Bolt!

The good:

  • Object Relational Mapping auto-configuration
  • Application Code Generation
  • Server management

These other features are already in CFEclipse or available via a plugin:

  • Easily extensible through the Eclipse framework
  • CFML, HTML, Javascript, and CSS Syntax Highlighting
  • Code assist for tags, functions, variables, and components
  • Code folding
  • Snippet creation and management
  • Outline viewing
  • RDS Explorer for files and databases
  • Line-level Debugging

The bad:

  • Not released until next year (coincide with the CF9 release?)
  • No price info
  • No info on platforms supported. I really hope they can bake in 100% Linux support!!

They have a beta signup here: which unfortunately only allows you to select one OS for your development platform?  Hello? I develop on PC at work and Linux at home...

Adobe Labs page here:

So we'll have to wait and see ...  (and I hope the photo above in no way influences my beta application...)

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