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Spoiled By Software And My Disappointment With Bolt

  • Wednesday, November 19 2008

Last night I was thinking about the Bolt announcement and how disappointed I was in the whole thing. For the most part they announced they were building CFEclipse. Yes they announced some ORM and code generation tools but the majority of 'features' they announced are available today in CFEclipse.

Maybe I'm spoiled by using open-source and Google "beta" software for so long but I was really expecting something to download and tinker with from Adobe, even if it was alpha quality. They have had years to build this (IMO it should have been in the oven before Flex Builder) and I know they are probably baking in some fancy stuff for CF9 but it still seems like they could release something and work on the advanced features as they go along.

I think my expectations with new software (which leans strongly towards open source) lately is to see something with basic functionality and know it's going to be improved in the future with frequent updates. When I first installed Ubuntu over two years ago it was functional but hardly bug free. 2 years later it has become very polished but still has the occasional bug and that's OK. I know it's very likely that those will be fixed in the next round of updates and features will be added and improved upon.

Maybe my wife is right and I'm just impatient... I'm still looking forward to getting beta access to Bolt and I hope the product is going to be worth the wait!

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