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Developer Toolbox: Royal TS - Remote Desktop Manager

If you are like me you have several servers and other computers you remote into using Remote Desktop. I usually always have 1-2 sessions open on various boxes.  While the built in RDP client in Windows is nice it's a bit of a pain to remember all the various server addresses, logins, etc.

Surfing through Google Reader I stumbled across Royal TS:

Enjoy a simple and easy way to organize, connect and switch between remote desktops. If you are a system engineer or administrator responsible for managing multiple servers, Royal TS will make your life much more easier.

Royal TS is a desktop client that allows you to easily manage all those RDP connections in a user friendly (and secure) interface:

  • Organize multiple remote desktop connections in one single file
  • Retrieve the current user sessions from a remote host
  • Store username, domain and even the password for each connection
  • Open a remote desktop session in an external window or open a session embedded in the application window

I had to update my RDP on my WinXP box and install the latest .NET but otherwise it has worked with no issues.  And it allows you to encrypt the connection information so I feel fairly safe storing login information within the program for each connection.  And best of all it's free!

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