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Dear Adobe, The Eclipse Extension Is Broken...

  • Tuesday, February 17 2009

With Bolt coming - I'm wondering if Adobe will continue to support the Eclipse extension (RDS, debugger, etc).  I don't recall it being updated for Ganymede and looking in the download  the last timestamps are from 1/2008 (it would be nice if they gave this a version #).

Right now there appears to be a bug with it and Ganymede (Eclipse 3.4) and I have no idea how to contact Adobe about it...  The issue is documented on this post and I've taken the screenshot below to illustrate:

Right now I can make an RDS connection but when I expand my directory (A) I get an error (B) if I click on the directory to expand it.  What is odd is I can then click on the navigation arrows (C) and navigate through my directories and while it works it is tedious.

Anyone from Adobe read my blog and care to comment? :)

Update - same issue appears with the RDS Dataview

Same issue - You can connect (A) but never get a list just "Contact server...".  However you can open the Query Viewer and see a list of available data sources (B) and even query against them (C).

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