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Lazy Automation: Ant Meets Autohotkey

Ok. I'm lazy. Really lazy.

Today I got tired of having to click around in Eclipse to run my Ant tasks  and decided to automate it with a shortcut in Autohotkey:

Run, %comspec% /c ant -f D:\CFProjects\cares\extensions\ant\ cleanlocal

Lets break this down:

  • So the !r:: simply tells Autohotkey to assign this shortcut to Alt+R.
  • _Run, %comspec% /c _ is a shortcut to cmd.exe.
  • Then I simply pass the path of my Ant script and the task I want run (cleanlocal).

This script simply resets my database data back to a know state and I run this frequently when developing.  So now a quick Alt+R and I'm done!

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