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Why Closed Source Frustrates Me And Another Plea To Adobe

  • Monday, April 06 2009
  • cfml

Today I've been thinking how great open source is...

  • All the recent Railo and OpenBD news - big things for CFML!
  • E Text Editor goes 'open company' (now maybe we'll see a Linux version!)
  • And my daily work with JIRA is enhanced because I know I can peek under the hood at any time...

And then I get an email on the CFEclipse mailing list about the ColdFusion extensions from Adobe being broken.

Usually when people post off-topic items on the CFEclipse mailing list I try to help out as much as possible.  But in this case I really can't do squat and it's frustrating.  I've blogged about the ColdFusion extension issue before:  Dear Adobe, The Eclipse Extension Is Broken…


  • The extension source is closed so no one outside of Adobe can do anything to help fix it
  • Adobe has no public bug tracker for their tools (except Flex) so I don't know where to 'officially' go to report an issue

So I'm left to whine on my blog and hope someone from Adobe stops by...  Ben Forta actually responded to the thread above but his anwser was a bit vague.  It sounds like this CF Extension functionality will be rolled into Bolt but will there still be a free version available for Eclipse afterwards???

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