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Railo Express - Quick and Dirty CFML Server

  • Thursday, June 18 2009

During the recent Adobe User Group Tour - I had to whip up a little app to randomly pick some winners from our RSVP list.

Easy enough but when I went to code it on my laptop I realized I had never installed ColdFusion on it.  Oops.  I was a bit pressed for time and really didn't want to mess with getting IIS/Apache running and the long ColdFusion download and install.

I vaguely remembered something about an "Express" version of Railo and a quick visit to and I was downloading a reasonably sized 60mb zip file.

Railo Express is a live version which means that it does not need to be installed. Just extract the zip file it onto your computer and without further installation you can start. This is especially interesting if you e.g. would like to get to know Railo and want to test your applications under Railo or simply use it as development background.

Unzip.  I clicked start.bat,  Railo spooled up and 30 seconds later I had a running CFML server sitting at localhost:8888!   Wow!

So now I've got a copy of Railo Express stashed on my USB drive I carry around.  Super convenient to have a CFML server available with no installation required and no services running hogging up resources.

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