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Saying Something Nice About Adobe

  • Thursday, December 10 2009

In the past I've bashed on Adobe about costly software, broken extensions and lack of Linux support but today I have something nice to say!

Recently on the CFEclipse mailing list we were discussing the ColdFusion 9 dictionary file and someone mentioned it would be nice if we could simply use the one from ColdFusion Builder. I shot off an email to Adam Lehman from Adobe and honestly expected either a) no reply or b) a firm 'No'.

But instead Adam did reply and indicated he'd "look into it".

So I waited a few weeks knowing Adam is a busy person and emailed him again. And again he replied! He said it seemed like sharing the dictionary file was possible but he still had to 'run it by legal'.

OK. Now we're doomed I thought.

So I waited another week or so and bugged him again. And low and behold this comes across Twitter:

@thecrumb btw. I got Adobe VP approval to share the #ColdFusion Builder dictionary w/ CFEclipse!

So I'd just like to publicly thank Adam for following through on my inquiry, and thanks to Adobe for sharing their toys with the other kids!

Now about that Linux version of ColdFusion Builder...

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