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Missing cf.Objective

Tonight I should be on my way to cf.Objective for my first conference speaking gig.  Unfortunately I won't be attending.

Over the Easter weekend I was hit by a deer on my motorcycle.  Thankfully I practice ATGATT (all the gear, all the time) and made it though the accident.  I did suffer a broken clavicle (2 places) and a few mangled bones in my right hand.   A full recovery is expected but right now I can barely feed myself, so air travel is a stretch.

I was a originally hoping the awesome Dan Wilson could fill-in and do my preso but tonight I had to finally face the reality of my situation and sent an email to Jim & Sean at cf.Objective and withdraw.

I'd like to thank Sean and Jim for inviting me to speak, and a _huge _thanks to Dan Wilson who offered to fill in for me....

NCDevCon 2010 - North Carolina Web Development Conference the sound of one hand typing

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