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CFUnited or Bust

I'm not going to say I'll be at CFUnited until I actually get there... lest I jinx myself, but it's only 1 week away!

I am looking forward to seeing everyone, meeting some new people and giving my first (and last) CFUnited presentation.

I'll be talking about all the tools I use to work smarter/less/faster/lazier...

  • Learn why I favor AutoHotkey over IDE snippets...
  • Learn about tools that let the computer do the hard work
  • Learn how to get organized and load/start/find things faster and more efficiently

The schedule still seems to be in a state of flux but right now I'm scheduled for Friday 3:15-4:15.

I guarantee you'll learn something if you attend and I may just have a give away or two!

Open Source CFML Conference - 2011 CFUnited - Code and More

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