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Adobe Wants Your Lunch Money. Now.

  • Wednesday, November 24 2010

Today Adam Lehman posted about ColdFusion Builder and CFEclipse.

Think ColdFusion Builder v.1 and CFEclipse are the same? Think again. Adobe just published a new whitepaper comparing the two CFML development tools to set the record straight. In just one version, ColdFusion Builder didn't just catch up to CFEclipse, it took many steps beyond it.

I've been a avid supporter of CFEclipse for awhile and when Adobe announced they were developing their own IDE - I never saw them as a competitor. There are only two of us - why fight?  But apparently Adobe needs to bash someone and have set their sites on the geeky kid on the playground.

A whitepaper? Really? You could have donated the money you spent on creating that to the CFEclipse project! :)

But clearly we are talking about a two different endeavors here and for Adobe to whip out white papers and comparison charts is a little unfair I think.

CFBuilder is built by a large team of developers.  Their full time job is to develop CFBuilder.  I met several of them at CFUnited and they are a great group who I have no doubt are passionate about their product.  But at the end of the day they are developing a commercial product for Adobe.

CFEclipse on the other hand is a free, open source tool that has been developed over the years by a small, passionate group of people. Many people have worked on CFEclipse over the years but over the years there is usually only one or two people actually cranking out code.

Currently Denny is our main programmer and he has done a _tremendous _job fixing bugs and adding features.  He's done that while supporting his family, working a regular job, contributing to other projects and dealing with all the other 'distractions' of every day life.  He does that for free.

So why does Adobe feel the need to pick on CFEclipse?

Is ColdFusion Builder a better product?

I don't think a white paper is going to answer that question. CFEclipse is available to download and install for free. CFBuilder also has a 30 60 day trial version.

Download them both. Try them. Write code. Then make your decision.

And if you like CFEclipse please consider joining our community and help us make it better.

But please don't take our lunch money.

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