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Windows 7 Batch File Madness

I have several batch files to start/stop services, interact with VirtualBox and SVN.   These are all saved in a /scripts folder in Dropbox so I can access them both at work and at home.

Recently I've been tinkering with Windows 7 (working on my cf.Objective presentations) and ran into a frustrating problem.  I could not run my batch files. Trying to do so would result in:

System Error 5 Access denied

OK. I figured there had to be a quick solution and sure enough Googling turned up a MXUnit post by Marc Escher.  Sweet. Except that it didn't work.

I made the changes.  Restarted. _Access denied. _

I double checked the changed. Completely shut down. Restarted.  Access denied.

I Googled some more and found similar solutions, registry hacks, Group Policy changes (only available in the premium versions of Windows 7) but nothing I tried worked.

Finally I decided to turn off UAC.   This seemed to work for some and not others but it worked for me.  You have to disable it first. Then restart (can you do ANYTHING in Windows without restarting?).

Now I can successfully kick off my scripts with no hassles!

If you've run into this issue yourself I'd be curious to hear how you solved it.  UAC?  Run as adminstrator?  What worked for you?

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