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AntForm - Easy Ant Form GUIs

  • Tuesday, June 14 2011
  • ant

While digging through the ColdBox documentation I discovered Luis was using AntForm to provide some simple Ant based form wizards. I'd never heard of AntForm before so I bookmarked it and finally found some time to check it out.

AntForm bills itself as:

AntForm is a java tool designed to add interaction to Ant scripts through graphical forms.

Setup is like any other Ant tas. Download the .jar file, add a task definition and be on your way. Installation is covered on the AntForm site.

Within the download file AntForm includes a test.xml file which I'd suggest you start with. It has several good examples that can help you get started. It gives a good example of the many controls available which allow you to build some very robust interfaces which I've captured in the screenshot below. You can see some examples of password dialogs, tabs, radio buttons and more.


I've certainly got some ideas on where I can use this! If you haven't checked out Ant yet check out my Ant wiki for some great resources to help you get started!

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