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Sublime Text Tortoise Package

At this point you should have Sublime installed and setup to work with your CFML files.

Next we need some interaction with our source control. If you aren't using source control stop and go address that problem first! :)

In our previous post we installed Package Control.

Open Sublime. Then click Preferences > Package Control > Package Control: Install Package

Scroll through the long list of available packages, you are looking for "Tortoise".

TortoiseSVN, TortoiseGit and TortoiseHg integration with Sublime Text 2 via menus and keyboard shortcuts.

Click "Tortoise" to install. If you're project is already checked out from Subversion you should be able to right click on files/directories and get some SVN related options now.

Sublime Tortoise

I also setup my TortoiseSVN client to use BeyondCompare as it's DIFF tool - so when I select "Diff" from the Sublime menu, BeyondCompare is used to compare the working copy. Nice! This sort of emulates the BeyondCVS plugin available in Eclipse which I have blogged about before.

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