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Sublime Text - Filtering Out The Noise

One of the biggest things I miss in Sublime Text is Mylyn and it's ability to just show me the files I'm working on.

We can exclude unrelated folders and files from showing up in the sidebar which helps a little bit. I don't need to be distracted with PDF and image files while coding.

You can either do this globally Preferences > Global Settings > User or what I like to do is add it to my project config since there are usually specific things in each project I want to filter out.

Within my project directory I have a file called myprojectname.sublime-project. I can simply add two filters: folder_exclude_patterns and file_exclude_patterns, and add directories and files that I no longer want to see:

        "path": "/Z/myprojectname",
        "folder_exclude_patterns": ["_deploy", "SpryAssets", "SpryPaging", "wireframe"],
        "file_exclude_patterns": ["*.pdf", "*.jpg", "*.png"]

This will also hide those files and folders from the 'quick find' (CTRL+P) which is nice as well.

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