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Configuring ConEmu and Putty

  • Monday, March 04 2013

Lately with my Pelican experiments I've needed to frequently shell over to my website via SSH.

I'm running ConEmu as my default console. And while I can SSH directly from there the output wasn't very pretty. I normally use Putty for SSH and I figured there had to be a way of getting Putty to run in ConEmu and after some trial and error I figured it out.

Configure Putty

First setup Putty so you can successfully connect to your host and save this as a Putty session:


Configure ConEmu

Crank open ConEmu and open the Settings dialog (Win+Alt+P). On the menu look under

Startup > Tasks

On the Tasks window you'll find a big empty dialog into which you can setup new commands.

Click the + button and you'll see:

ConEmu Tasks

Enter the following:

  • Task name: Putty
  • Task parameters: blank
  • Commands: putty.exe -new_console -load "yoursavedsession"

Click 'Save settings'. Now if you click the "Create new console" button - you'll see an entry for "Putty".

New putty console

Click that and depending on how you configured your Putty session you will be prompted for login information and you Putty session will open in ConEmu!

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