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Sublime Text Package of the Day: Browser Refresh

Whenever I'm doing front-end work the cycle is usually:

  1. Edit code
  2. View changes in browser
  3. Edit code again
  4. Goto #2.

Switching contexts over to the browser and hitting refresh is a pain. Turns out there is a neat Sublime Text package that will do all this for you!

After installing this plugin you can hit CTRL+SHIFT+R on Windows while using your favorite browser, the last active window will come to the foreground and reload the active tab. If the current file is unsaved, it will be saved before the browser is activated and reloaded.

This works especially nice if you have dual monitors.

Browser Refresh is available in Package Manager.

Upon installation I couldn't find any settings so I manually added the settings to my Sublime preferences:

        "keys": ["command+shift+r"], "command": "browser_refresh", "args": {
            "auto_save": true,
            "delay": 0.5,
            "activate_browser": true,
            "browser_name" : "Firefox"

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