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Railo 4.1 Javaagent Setting on Windows

  • Wednesday, July 24 2013

I recently updated my local Railo install from 4.0.4 to 4.1.

After updating I had a big warning message on my Railo admin screen:

There is no Java Agent defined in this enviroment. The Java Agent is needed to improve memory (PermGen Space) consumption for templates. To enable the Java Agent follow this instructions...

Unfortunately there were no instructions on how to fix this... :(

Hitting Google I found a post on the Railo blog but it didn't really cover my environment: running Railo/Tomcat as a service on Windows.

I'm fairly new to Railo so I'm still learning my way around but it turns out this is a fairly easy tweak once you know where things live.

To adjust the Java options for the Railo service they provide a small application:

Start > Railo > Tomcat Service Monitor (run as admin)

This will put a small icon in your taskbar:

Railo Java agent fix

Click that and it will open the Tomcat Service Monitor where you can tweak all sorts of things you would usually find in a text file:

Tomcat Service Monitor

Warning: I'm not sure where these settings are stored but be careful when adjusting these since I'm not sure there is an easy way to revert your settings if something goes wrong!

Hit the Java tab and you can see where you can add and edit Java arguments in the Java Options field.

Now simply find railo-inst.jar on your system. Mine was in: C:\railo\lib\railo-inst.jar

I then added that as the 'javaagent' argument in the Java Options window at the bottom of the existing arguments::


Save the settings, reboot Railo/Tomcat and login to the Railo administration again and the message should be gone.

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