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Zen, Tools and Web Development

My new years resolution was to blog more so now that it is almost February I thought I should get started!

A few weeks ago I was out in the garage working on my motorcycle. I had it up on the lift, my tool chest was out and the KLR was in pieces (I was replacing the doohickey in case you were wondering).

In a Pirsig type of moment - I realized that I have a LOT of tools, and without those tools the basic maintenance chores I was performing would be a lot more difficult to complete. That got me thinking about all the web development tools I use during the day.

Now in theory I could perform about 99% of my job with nothing more than Notepad. I could do it - but just like working on my motorcycle - it would take me a lot longer to complete my tasks.

So I thought I would start blogging about some of the tools I use on a daily basis and how they make my job easier. Hopefully this will illicit some feedback from my audience (all 5 of you according to my web stats) and I (and you) can possible learn about some new tools and techniques as well.

So - hopefully (taking into consideration the possible release of CFEclipse 1.3 sometime soon!?!?) in the next day or so I’ll cover my first developer tool - the browser!