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My Old Blogs - The Wayback Machine

I was having some fun this weekend digging though the Wayback Machine. It’s neat to check out what I’ve run my ‘blog’ on over the years:

  • Pre 1999 I was on all sorts of weird stuff but mostly static HTML (and maybe some PERL), on shared hosting (Tripod, etc).
  • In 1999 - when we found out we were having Abby - I registered ’’. I was still handcoding it in old school HTML.
  • 2001 - ColdFusion!
  • 2003 - Geeklog - A PHP CMS
  • 2004 - I tried out Movable Type and a few others…
  • 2005 - Found WordPress

I couldn’t imagine going back to hand-coding! I have considered switching from WordPress to Movable Type again now that it is free but I’ve gotten comfortable with hacking on WordPress so really have no reason to move other than the geek factor of trying out something new.