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Developer Toolbox: QueryParam Scanner

I have been working on some really old code lately and to say it is a mess would be an understatement. Evaluate statements all over, font tags and queries with no queryparams.

I’ve been using the first version of QueryParam Scanner for awhile now and discovered that it’s been recently updated - nice new interface!

And I also noticed a blurb about an Eclipse plugin.  Installation instructions are on the link above via the traditional Update Site method or you can download the .jar file directly.

When I first installed it I was a bit confused on how to run it from within Eclipse but after a bit of digging I found it!  Simply right click on your directory and there will be a new option “Scan With QueryParam Scanner”

This will then open up your browser, start QueryParam Scanner and load the selected directory.   Very slick!  Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a way to pass in options (recurse directory) so it will only zip through the files in the root of the directory you select.  The author Peter Boughton does mention these are early releases. Hopefully he can tweak this a bit in future versions to give you more control.

In my opinion every project should be run through QueryParam Scanner and the VarScoper, just in case. :)

Update: Peter left a comment and after checking there is indeed a QueryParam Scanner option under the Preferences menu (which I somehow completely missed!)