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My First (and last) CFUnited Presentation

Still unwinding from CFUnited 2010!

It was my second year attending and first year presenting!

I’d like to thank a few people:

  • The folks at CFUnited for selecting me to speak!
  • Dan Wilson for giving me a ride
  • Anant Pradhan for volunteering (go TACFUG!)
  • Everyone who attended my session :)

There was certainly a different vibe this year. Online there was a commotion about the demise of CFUnited and what it meant for ColdFusion.   Dead? Dying?

Who cares!  At the conference I only overheard great things about:

  • The ColdFusion community
  • The ColdFusion conference scene (NCDevCon anyone?) :)
  • The open source trends (RIAForge projects, frameworks, CFML engines, etc)

I don’t think CFUnited coming to an end has any reflection at all on our community.  There will be already are conferences to take it’s place.

They are not  as big and extravagant as CFUnited…

And moving forward maybe that’s a good thing.

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