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Would You Buy A Framework From This Man?

Over the years I have tinkered with several frameworks. My first was Fusebox. I wrote an entire site for Red Storm Entertainment using the first Fusebox only to have it mothballed before it went live when they were bought by Ubisoft.

Later it was Mach-II, Fusebox 4/5 and recently I’ve dabbled with FW/1 but over the last few years I have been doing a lot of maintenance work on existing sites so there was little opportunity to create an entire site using a new framework from scratch.

And then there is Dan Wilson.

As you may know I co-manage our local ColdFusion user group with Dan and we have organized a few ColdFusion conferences in the past as well.

And Dan owns a framework*. And he likes talking about his framework.

How many hours did I sit in the car driving to CFUnited listening to Dan ramble on about scaffolding, events, view mappings, ColdSpring, content caching, yada, yada, yada?

At CFLunch… bean injection, generic database messages, typed events, helpers…. geez does this guy ever shut up?

CFBeer…  formats, remoting, ses urls, copyToScope



I also know Dan is a very smart guy.

So when I started this new project and had carte blanche to do what I wanted I decided to use a framework.

Dan’s framework.  Model-Glue.

So far I really enjoy it working with it.  They took the best bits of Fusebox and threw the rest away. Then they added a bunch of really cool stuff.  I’ve tinkered with scaffolding and along with ORM this allows you to whip together fully functional forms very easily while writing little code.  The documentation is thorough.  They have a ‘quick start’ guide to get you up and running and then a more in depth ’training’ course.

I  would never recommend one framework over another.  But if you **aren’t **using a framework - you should be.

And I’d give Model-Glue a look.

Stay tuned - I’ll try to blog about some of my experiences getting started with Model-Glue over the next few weeks.

* Yeah I know it’s not really Dan’s framework -  humor me will ya.  Kudos to all the people who do put in a lot of hard work on the Model-Glue team!!!