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Sublime Text Packge of the Day: Alignment

If you followed my previous post about installing Package Control you will notice it lists a lot of available packages. I’ve dug through and will post a few of my favorites over the next few days.

Today’s Package: Alignment

Alignment will align your code, in this case an example probably makes more sense.

If you have:

this = 1;
somethingElse = 2;
that = three;
four = 4;

Select it, hit CTRL+ALT+A and you will get:

this          = 1;
somethingElse = 2;
that          = three;
four          = 4;

I usually don’t code like this but I find this format useful for things like Ant property files.

#local paths = D:/build/
path.temp  = D:/temp/
path.dist  = ${}${}
path.local = ${path.temp}${}
path.mysql = C:/Program Files/MySQL/MySQL Server 5.1/bin

Alignment can be found in Package Control or on github.

Check out the Sublime section of my wiki for more links.